All Features in the Overview


Simple navigation

The intuitive navigation functions makes it easy for your customers, even Internet “newbies”, to navigate your tour.

Customised mobile version

This special version for mobile devices always displays your information perfectly, no matter what device is used.


With HTML5 technology compatible for mobile devices, and devices without Adobe's Flash Player.

Ease of use

The intuitive controls make it easy to use your interactive tour.

Social Media

Your panorama is linked with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Background music

Lined with matching music you create the right mood.

System access at any time

VIEW3 is as flexible as you want, you can make changes or additions to your virtual tour at any time.

No limits

You can create as many menu items, information boxes and links as you want.

Direct contact

Contact the creators of VIEW3, directly and at any time. As customers, your requests and feedback are always welcome.

Controlled release

Edit your tour in team work. Using authorisation levels, you can decide who can make updates or changes.

Easy integration into websites

The VIEW 3 embedding tool helps you integrate your tour in your website.


Present your tour via special VR glasses (Google Cardboad, Zeiss VR, Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift) and experience the 360 degrees world in 3D.


Tailor your virtual tour to your individual needs. The more details and information you add to your 360° tour, the more dynamic you will make it and the better informed your customers will feel after your virtual tour.

Floor Plans

Bind the floor plan or site plan in your virtual tour with a to offer potential customers a special additive.

Hot Spots

Highlight important products or locations with an icon. Configurable button, which launches other actions when clicked.

Videos & Pictures

You want to highlight a hotspot then incorporate additional videos and images in your virtual tour.

Information boxes to promote sales

The simple and effective tool gives your customers the information they want. Impulses to purchase items are converted faster than ever before.


Present your products to the respective descriptions to inform your customers even better.

E-commerce connector

This interface links your web store with the tour. For example, your customers receive the latest offers from the web store automatically.


Reach customers from around the world. Create your tour in multiple languages.

Own design templates

You can upload and use your own design templates (HTML, CSS). This way, nothing stands in the way of your design ideas.


Our statistics will help you learn more about your visitors and their behaviour within your virtual tour. The statistics function with classical tours as well as with Google Maps Business View tours.


The total number of sessions within a period. A session is the length of time during which a user actively interacts with a tour. All usage data is linked to a session.

Accessing viewpoints

"Accessing viewpoints" is the total number of viewpoints that have been accessed. Every repeat access to a viewpoint is also counted.


"Viewpoints/session" is the average number of viewpoints that are accessed per session. Every repeat access to a viewpoint is also counted.

Average session duration

The average duration of a session.


The browser of the user visiting your website.

Operating system

The operating system of the user viewing your virtual tour (including the operating systems of mobile devices, such as Android).

Country and language

The language settings and geographical location of the user viewing your tour.

New and repeat visitors

New (first-time) or returning users.

Sources of traffic

The sources from which your visitors come to your website.


The page views and average visit time are displayed on every navigation bar separately.


The interactions of your visitor on the website.

Agency / White-Label

The Virtual Tour Center allows every user to operate his own Virtual Tour Center under his own brand name. Use your own logo, colors, product names and domain.

Mobile usage

  • Responsive design, available for tablets and smart phones
  • Independent from mobile operating system

Provision & Safety

  • If the storage space is full, it can be expanded
  • Protected cloud (in ISO-certified computer center in Germany)
  • Local installation (on-premises) available in the enterprise version
  • Choice of computer centers available in the enterprise version
  • Own Service Level Agreements in the enterprise version
  • Enhanced encryption through SSL, including PFS
  • Daily backups
  • Sandbox/Staging System for tests in the enterprise version

Internationalization & Localization

  • System language: German and English