VIEW3 Agencies.

Under your own logo, domain, and name.

The VIEW3 Virtual Tour Center allows every user to run their Virtual Tour Center under their own brand name.

Use your own logo, color schemes, product names, and domain. Everything can be customized in your VIEW3 account.
The white-label options are available for every user, you can find the settings under "White Label/Branding" in your account.

What can be customized?

You can define all of the following settings in your VIEW3 account:

  • Name: give your Virtual Tour Center its own name, which will be displayed instead of "VIEW3" in the system and in emails.
  • Logo: upload your own logo in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format. This logo will be displayed in the entire Virtual Tour Center and in emails.
  • Domain: use your own domain (e.g., tour.yourdomain.xy or www.tourdomain.xy) by pointing the CNAME record of your domain to our server.
VIEW3 Virtual Tour Center - White Label

Can HTTPS (SSL) be used in white label?

By default, it is not possible to view the white-label solution through a secure HTTPS connection, because a subdomain or your own domain is used for every white label. The disadvantage of this is that all the data is sent unencrypted from your browser to our server.

For an annual fee of €99,- plus VAT (19%) per domain, we will order and install an SSL Certificate for your white-label domain.

Export the tour

The Virtual Tour Center gives you the option to export all the data from your tour. The export creates all the documents that are necessary for a static image of your tour. Changes cannot be made to the export.

The export is completed at the touch of a button and is ready within a few minutes.

Google Maps Business View

All tour-specific data, e.g., navigation, infoboxes, hotspots, language versions, etc., is exported. The panoramic images are loaded via Google API, please note that a unique Google API key is required.

Classic tours without Google Maps Business View

With classic tours, the export contains all the image data that is necessary for the display. It can also be used offline.


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