VIEW3 Insights.


In contrast to traditional print campaigns, you have the opportunity to measure the success of your virtual tours.
VIEW3 Insights shows you site views, clicks, dwell time and more.

Our statistics will help you learn more about your visitors and their behaviour within your virtual tour.
The statistics function with classical tours as well as with Google Maps Business View tours.

Recognize trends at an early stage.

Measure performance via detailed reports.

Whether evaluating individual results, comparing two different periods, or benchmarking, where you compare your performance metrics with aggregated industry data from other virtual tours—measure the success of your tour early in the game.

These evaluations can help you set reasonable goals, recognize trends early on, and find out where you stand compared to your competition.

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The building blocks of statistics

Do not leave the success of your virtual tour to chance.


The total number of sessions within a period. A session is the length of time during which a user actively interacts with a tour. All usage data is linked to a session.

Accessing viewpoints

"Accessing viewpoints" is the total number of viewpoints that have been accessed. Every repeat access to a viewpoint is also counted.


"Viewpoints/session" is the average number of viewpoints that are accessed per session. Every repeat access to a viewpoint is also counted.

Average session duration

The average duration of a session.


The browser of the user visiting your website.

Operating system

The operating system of the user viewing your virtual tour (including the operating systems of mobile devices, such as Android).

Country and language

The language settings and geographical location of the user viewing your tour.

New and repeat visitors

New (first-time) or returning users.

Sources of traffic

The sources from which your visitors come to your website.


The page views and average visit time are displayed on every navigation bar separately.


The interactions of your visitor on the website.


Virtual Tour Center.


Their quick and individual navigation.


Transform your tour in
a point of sale.


Solutions for agencies.

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