Virtual Tours from VIEW3

With impressive images and the additional information and functions, VIEW3 brings spaces and locations to life, making potential customers want to experience your location live or buy something from you.

If you‘ve got it, flaunt it! Your shop. Your restaurant. Your hotel. Your fitness studio...

You can get your own virtual tour quickly and easily.
VIEW3 is there for you from day one and guarantees perfect results.

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Click. Look around. Demand more.

Take a virtual voyage of discovery with VIEW3 around companies that are already hooked on it.

Companies that have a lot to offer their customers and show it online, i.e. connect the real world with the virtual,
can not only compete successfully with their online competitors but also attract more potential customers than ever.
VIEW3 is the optimal solution, the perfect appetiser that leaves you wanting more – above all, the live experience.

See for yourself.

The interactive customer experience
Innovative. Simple. Irresistible.

Virtual tours are yesterday. Today is VIEW3. The panorama evolution. The next step in the development of virtual tours and very bit as individual as your offering. A virtual, living business card with which you can present your business, your employees and, of course, put your product optimally in the spotlight.

Your customers don’t just experience a high-quality online tour, they can get product and price information from info boxes, book appointments if they want and much more.

Enhance your presence across Google with a 360º virtual tour powered by Street View technology. It’s a simple, fast and affordable way to showcase the character and beauty of your business on your Google listing and across the web!

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General functions. Your Benefits.
Simple navigation

The intuitive navigation functions makes it easy for your customers, even Internet “newbies”, to navigate your tour.

Information boxes

The simple and effective tool gives your customers the information they want. Impulses to purchase items are converted faster than ever before.

Hot Spots

Highlight important products or locations with an icon. Configurable button, which launches other actions when clicked.

E-commerce connector

This interface links your web store with the tour. For example, your customers receive the latest offers from the web store automatically.


Reach customers from around the world. We speak all languages, because all elements in your tour can be translated into any language.

Easy integration into websites

The VIEW3 embedding tool helps you integrate your tour in your website.

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