Feature Tour

1. Images

The question on which camera to use is of great importance. VIEW3 supports all kinds of cameras. We have listed some examples to give you a glimpse of what each camera produces. Simply click on one of the cameras and it will lead you to some example pictures.

You can send us panorama images with further examples to info@view3.com.

In order to successfully upload panoramic picture you need to consider a few requirements:

  • The maximum file size is 40 MB per panorama
  • Only image files (JPG) are permitted
  • Images must have a greater or equal resolution of 5120 x 2560 Pixel
  • You can drag & drop files from your desktop on this webpage
  • With the help of labels (also called tags or keywords) panoramic images can be filtered in future processing
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2. Design

It is possible to add an automatic rotation to your tour. You are able to decide whether it should be an autorotation or a manual rotation. Everything can be switched off separately.

It is possible to adjust the colors as well as the fonts in your virtual tours. You can customize the tooltips for example.

Enables the function to determine a specific icon which will be used everywhere in the system. It will be shown in the Login area or in the Branding. The Favicon will be shown in the browser bar.

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With the right background music you create the perfect mood for your virtual tour.

With this special version for mobile terminals your information will be displayed correctly regardless of the device.

The Nadir is the lowest point in your panoramic pictures. If it is needed to cover that point because of various reasons it is possible to apply a patch to that very position.

You can add to your own CSS code. With the help of a functional CSS code, you can further personalize the appearance of your tour.

A gallery that is not defined can be shown underneath the virtual tour as a kind of bar.

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3. Navigation

The sidebar involves all features that are important for the navigation of a tour. You are able to add text as well as pictures to your tour. Special features like RSS-Feeds or sign-up forms for newsletters can be added separately.

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Through the Quicklinks you are able to add different kinds of tour features as well as links to your sidebar so your viewers can interact easier.

Activate more languages so all of your viewers will be able to read what you have to say. Through nice little flags, your users can navigate in between the different languages in your sidebar.

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Add a floor plan to your tours so your viewers know exactly where they are. Through certain points/positions in your floor plan you are able to navigate easier from one point to another.

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Present your tour via special VR glasses (Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR, Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift) and experience the 360 degrees world in 3D.

4. Information & Interaction

To create the feeling of walking through your tours, you can add certain linking points which makes it possible to walk from one panoramic picture to another. The way the linkings will look, can be adjusted individually.

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To portray information inside of the tour, it is useful to contain it in Infospots. When users now navigate inside your tour and move their mouse over the Infospot, further information will be revealed.

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Galleries can also be shown as hotspots at certain points in the tour. They will appear when you move your mouse over the hotspot.

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Hotspots are useful tools to mark important products and locations with a symbol. They are configurable buttons which draw further actions by clicking on them. You have many options and kinds of hotspots to choose and to add to your tour.

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Adjustable boxes that depend on the perspective/angle. Will only be shown when that one certain angle is reached.

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5. Share & Embed

To make your tour only temporally available you can add a time restriction to your tour. To make your tour only available to certain people you can add a password.

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If you want to share your tour, you can select certain preview pictures to give the viewer a glimpse of what to expect.

The way the virtual tour will look when sharing it, can be adjusted individually.

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Several ways to share and embed your virtual tours are offered.

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6. Analyze & Evaluate

Offers the function to chart the insights from the point where you created the tour. Helps you to evaluate the tour and the way it reaches out to your viewers and the world.

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