Use Cases

VIEW3 makes it easy to set up virtual tours and collaborate with other authors. Learn how the Virtual Tour Center from VIEW3 can improve your daily routine.

Our customers use the Virtual Tour Center as:

Content Management System

The Virtual Tour Center is the next generation’s Content Management System, quickly and effectively create your virtual tour and experience how easy it is to optimize it. Working together with other authors has never been so enjoyable.

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Media Management

Manage different panaroma types directly from the Virtual Tour Center. Annoying converting of different picture formats is a thing of the past.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, in short VR, is a 3D presentation which is rendered possible through special VR glasses. The viewer is under the impression that he is in the middle of the room. In the case of the Virtual Tour Center we have integrated this functionality – so that you can experience a more interactive tour.

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Online Shop Expansion

To complete your online shop – or the shop of your customers – you can make your online experience more attractive, more dynamic and more interactive with the help of virtual theme shops. A real-world shopping experience will be transported to your online shop.

Booking System

Give your users the possibility, for example, to reserve a specific table in your restaurant. The VIEW3 technology makes it possible to submit a reservation request directly from the panoramic image. You will receive an email with the information and the user’s preferences so you can act accordingly. Alternatively, VIEW3 also communicates with various booking interfaces and imports the request directly into your existing system.

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Marketing Platform

Transform marketing Leads into veritable sales leads

Get your sales and your marketing closer to each other. Form strong binds with your customers. Control your sales with VIEW3.

For instance by providing exclusive 360-degree content, in order to help you present your product range more vividly.

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Presentation Platform

The VIEW3 Virtual Tour Center is as individual as you. With customizable design templates you can can present your virtual tour so that it presents your company in the best light.

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